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Benjamin Domask is a professional performer that has traveled all over the world. He has been seen on street corners, festival grounds, elementary schools, hospitals, theaters, retirement homes, private parties, weddings, and conventions!

Benjamin's work spans three specific categories: Walk Around Engagement, Stage Entertainment, and Theatrical Performing.

When Benjamin Domask arrives for Walk Around Engagement, he begins. His first inclination is to explore the environment and find a way to move around the event that gives him the best ability to interact while not being an obstacle for the event coordinators. As guests arrives, he welcomes them each in a unique way making a small connection with which to revisit later. When the event is in full swing, Benjamin begins the entertainment. Be it through juggling, mime, jokes, or improvised silliness, each experience between Benjamin and his audience is memorable. This is because Benjamin listens to his audience and strives to create a personal interaction. His script is blank. When the guest decide it is time for them to leave or to enter the next stage of the event, Benjamin does his best to say goodbye to everyone gracious enough to play. His Walk Around goal is simple: Leave the guests with a good feeling about the event. When they look back on it later they will be able to say 'I remember that was fun!'

Stage Entertainment is a special experience for Benjamin! He gets to share his passions of clown, music, juggling, and mime with an audience all at once. His performance begins off stage before the show. Benjamin is a master of pre-show engagement (called 'animation.') Benjamin creates unique connections with audience members long before the show begins. This enables the audience to be engaged and ready for all the performers throughout the evening. When Benjamin gets the opportunity to present his piece, the room lights up and remembers him from the animation. This creates a special energy with which the audience and Benjamin can connect through and provide the most impactful performances.

A Theatrical Performance requires a different type of energy from Benjamin. He comes on stage and is immediately interesting. Facial expression and body movements are utilized to capture the audience’s attention and help deliver a strong story. Benjamin has been a prominent featured performer as well as an essential. When prominently featured he finds himself supporting his co-performers to give their best performance. When he is an essential, his attention to detail steals the show!

Benjamin's experience in all aspects of the performance world have trained him to be ready to make your event memorable or your theatrical experience truly imbued with an unparalleled performer.

"Benjamin carries himself with a professional, yet quirky characteristic. I loved it!"

"It is apparent Benjamin is a professional. But it is also apparent he really likes his job and sincerely enjoys entertaining."

"As always your performance was interactive, engaging, exciting, and enjoyable! Your presence is always appreciated. You have been a part of our Medieval Festival for several years and are continuously the favorite part of the day. It is my hope we can continue to call on you in the year to come."