Benjamin was born and raised Milwaukee, Wisconsin by his loving parents Phillip and Christine. At a young age, Benjamin witnessed his father juggling balls in a 24-hour marathon and his mother preparing fun and unique lectures for her paramedic class. Little did he know how much of an impact this would have on his life. When he reached the end of his Psychology program at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Benjamin made a choice to decline an acceptance to Graduate School and instead move to Minnesota to perform at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Shortly after he began teaching as Lead Juggling Coach with Circus Juventas and began performing wherever a Juggler was needed. Slowly he crafted his own version of 'Graduate School' in the performing arts by studying acting, dance, and music. One day he was called a clown. Confused, and slightly scared, he added clown into his research. After learning the diverse and misunderstood world of 'Clown,' Benjamin attended the 'Theatre de l'Ange Fou' and learned the foundations of Corporeal Mime. 'Every great clown is an even greater mime.' From here, Benjamin began traveling to teach, perform, write, and direct all over the world! But, he always returns to Minnesota. He collaborates with Cirque du Soleil performer, Thom Wall in a devised piece of award winning new variety theatre, 'The 'Dinner and a Show' Show.' He is a founding member with Vladimir Messing of the experimental theatre group 'The Curiosita.' Most recently, he performed with TigerLion Arts and their walking play, 'Nature.' He is honored to be on the Teaching Artist Roster with St. Paul based organization, COMPAS. Managed by Afton Benson