Teaching Artist

Since 2010

Benjamin is a proud member of MN-Based 'COMPAS' and travels the world teaching, coaching, and sharing passion with all students. For a complete list of workshops, teacher packets, and curriculums please Connect.


From 3-Ball basics to advanced theories, Benjamin guides students through their goals to success!


Creating a safe environment to explore self-identity and ridiculousness, Clown enables us to play without fear of judgement.


Reframing stereotypes with historic development of the basics of body control and expression.

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Explores character development through physicality, emotional connection, and story-telling through verbal and non-verbal expression.


Multi-instrument lessons focusing on technique, musicality, and composition through finding what we most enjoy of our instruments.


Shaking off the confines of typicality and discovering the hidden unique ideas waiting to be unleashed through play, exploration, and creation!